Local OBX boys giving back

Seven years ago, local Outer Bankers and surf enthusiasts, Greg Sherman and Stephen Lamm decided that they wanted to do something for the OBX community they hold near and dear to their hearts. So, they figured they would stick to something they know well and love, surfing. And the Throw Down North of Town Surf Classic was born.

The contest was started with the mindset of developing it into a yearly event where local surfers from the Outer Banks could come together, enjoy a day at the beach, compete, and most of all support a great cause.

Open to everyone

The annual surf competition is open to everyone from those asking mom or dad to push them into a wave, beginners, intermediates, those who shred, those who think they shred, those who used to shred, and our local pros.  It is a true family surfing event. It is designed as a fund raiser for an Outer Banks charity.  The charity changes year to year based on need. 

A huge boost for the event each year comes from the help of local OBX pro surfer, Noah Snyder.  Each year he appears like an angel out of nowhere and takes the event to a professional level. He is a true ambassador of the sport of surfing.  

The Throwdown North of Town is a great event with some awesome Outer Banks people, a surfing division for any level, great OBX vibes, and all for a fantastic cause. 

A committed cause

I commit my way to you, Lord; I trust in you and you will do this:  You will make my righteousness shine like the dawn and the justice of my cause like the noon day sun!  Psalm 37: 5-6

We are committing this cause to help someone to Jesus and by doing so, we are inviting his presence, power, resources, and wisdom into the planning. Then we have peace in knowing that it will turn out even better than we can ever imagine.